Camping at Darlington Provincial Park, Bowmanville

A good friend of mine invited me for a one night camping, one Sunday morning. Though I hesitated at first since it was not in my plans for the long weekend and I have more things to do as well. But still decided to join them at the very last minute.

So here we go.

We left Toronto around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and enjoyed our 40 minutes travel by car. It was actually closer to Toronto than I thought it was. 30-45 minutes I guess, it depends on where you are located at Toronto plus the traffic going to Darlington Park, Bowmanville. It’s located actually in between Bowmanville and Oshawa city.

We were given the campsite number 118 which was close to the cliff side and washroom area. So, it was very convenient for us. We had our little tent in a big area which was covered with trees but then, you can see the lake. It was a great view indeed.

They actually provided campers own table and fireplace (yes, they allowed bonfire/barbecue). But you have to buy those woods you need to use for the fire. As you cannot take those small pieces of woods in the area because you will be in trouble. Fines would cost 200-500 if you don’t obey their rules. The area would be good for 10-20 people or even more.

We paid $45 plus for an overnight camping from 2pm till the next day 2pm for a group of 4-5 people. You will need to pay for the parking which cost $11.50 (if you have another car to park).

They had an area for those who wants to go for fishing.


And for those who wants to swim and enjoy the beach. (See photos below for the beach side taken as early as 7am we went swimming.) We were the first to swim early in the morning so you won’t see other people than me and my 2 other friends.


But be careful not to disturb the birds who are immigrants and having their rest by the beach side. And you are not allowed to touched them too.


They had nature trails too which I really enjoyed a lot.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



I was really enjoying the view that I forgot to take a lot of photos. I was ecstatic by the view of the park. I feel like I am back home to my grandparents place way back in my country when I was still a small kiddo.

And there you go, We passed by a spider! I just feel wonderful seeing what nature’s has to offer for us.

While we were walking on the beach side, I saw a beautiful butterfly which I think the butterfly who will migrate to Mexico by the end of summer. (I read it from the park newspaper).

A lot of them actually I saw and just try to watch them from a distance so I won’t disturb them.

Our long beach walk was indeed priceless. We had so much fun. And enjoyed the amazing view of the Lake Ontario.



We had a bonfire and barbecue with the epic fail corn (there’s a funny story behind).


And my most memorable part was at night. Well, I don’t encourage you guys to do it as well but when stubbornness strikes… oh well, break the rules! Haha


No worries guys! I grown up with the beach is my playground and so is the cliff and hillside are all part of my childhood days so I am used to it and so with my friends so we are being extra careful of what we were doing that time. But I really don’t encourage you guys to follow us! It’s dangerous. Haha please obey the rules.

(See above photo)

The happiest time! It shows in the photo. That was when I laughed so hard while looking up at the skies for star gazing moment (too many stars at that time) and just as our friend took this photo, I saw a falling star and yeah of course I’m still young at heart so I did make a wish!😊

But little did we know, we forgot something! We left the corn cooking into the fire. And as soon as we remember, yeah we almost run to climb the cliff again going up back to our camping area. Phew! We’re lucky it wasn’t burning yet haha but if we were late for a few more minutes then the camping area will smell burnt. And we’ll be in trouble. So, guys always remember to be responsible in everything you do at the camp site and presence of mind.

But all is well and we still had fun.😅

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