Trent University, Lakefield Peterborough


It was roughly 2 hours we traveled by car from the heart of Toronto. You can even drive an hour and 45 minutes. Well, we did a lot of stops whenever we passed by a nice and interesting view.

We did stopped by at the small airport in Peterborough. It’s a private airport I guessed.


Then we headed over to the Trent University. Which I think I liked the most. It was a great place for a university which I wished I had studied while enjoying its spectacular scenery.


When you get into the parking area. You think it’s just a small place and nothing’s really interesting about it. But wait until you get inside the campus.


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As you go through the campus, you will discover it’s natural beauty. And yeah, there’s this river.


The Otonabee river has a bridge that connects from the east and the west parts of the college.


Here’s more of the view and buildings inside the campus.


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What I love most in a school or university is when there is a solemn place where students can stay for a while and be at peace.  Who wouldn’t want to come and hang out for a while with it’s beautiful scenery of inside the  campus garden.


There are more inside the campus to explore actually. But we didn’t have much enough time to explore it as we decided to pass by the lake field before head back to Toronto.


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