Bluffers Park, Scarborough

Unplanned trip is much better than any other planned trips.

Just as I thought of going to bluffers that day and told my friends, then we headed over to bluffers Park in Scarborough. We took the subway, the green line going to Kennedy and when we get off from there… we then took bus 175 which goes straight to bluffers Park.

We got off from the last stop which is close to the beach. It was a long weekend when we went there so it was too crowded… literally a lot people swimming, sunbathing, playing, camping, families or group of friends etc.

We then try to walk around. It’s still has a nice view though it’s crowded.


Lovely indeed.

As we went through walking we felt the heat of the sun as it was too hot that day. Good thing, there was an ice cream store in the area and decided to try it. 5$ for 1 king cone and yeah you gotta lick it before it meltdown.

Be prepared for the long line under the sun if you wanna buy some.😉

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