Centre Island adventures

It was a hot summer Sunday when I and my friends decided to take a ferry boat (taxi boat) going to the center island. It cost $10 cad per person (back and forth) but you can ride the big ferry when you want to go back from the island to the harbour front.

The island welcomed us with the ducks paddling the lake and so with the ring-billed gulls flying anywhere in the place.

As soon as we stepped into the island’s ground, we started walking through the pathways. We noticed some other people brought their bicycles with them. It’s a good place for bicycling though. And so as walking, and it was a long walked actually. So better be prepared if you are not into walking.

It has an amusement park called Centreville for the kids with all the rides like train, coaster mine ride, sky ride and a lot more. Which I find it good for a family or parents who would bring along their children. They will surely enjoy it there. Forgot to take more pictures of the park though. I was busy enjoying the view for sure.


You’ll see a big map of the island when you arrived at the island and it will show you the places and directions on where will you want to go.

They also have small restaurant/store where you could order food may it be pizza, sandwiches, potatoes, grilled or even water and soft drinks. The bottled water cost $3 cad so I was lucky I brought a water with me then I saved my $3 for the water. Some of the people especially family who’s having an outing in the island brought some foods and refreshments with them and did picnics in the park.

The island has a big fountain right when you cross the big bridge of the lake.

And if you go further, you’ll see a small pool-like which the small children enjoyed to get wet, play and get swamped into the knee-level water.

Then you’ll see a beach where people having their sun bathed and swimming. And if you walked through the bridge then you will have a better view of the beach side (lakeshore).

It was really hot that day that I was having a headache while we were walking through the pathways, so we then decided to take the shorter way and there we passed by some parts of the lake where you could do kayaking, fishing and the Royal yacht club.

We have seen the island church, it’s a Catholic Church called St. Andrew by the lake. It was beautiful and looked so historical.

As we went back while riding the big ferry, the captivating view of the Toronto downtown looks surreal. You will see the CN tower and the Rogers center(sky dome). It’s like I had seen something that was in my dream before.

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