Toronto lake shore/harbour front

Enjoying my Saturday afternoon in Toronto’s lake shore with my friends.


Missing my island life way back in Cyprus and this place reminds me so much of molos park in Limassol Cyprus where I and my friends always hang out during summertime. Well, Molos is a beach park and this is a lake shore harbour front of Toronto. So I don’t expect that it would be the same especially the lake water here in the harbour front  and the clear sea water of Limassol. Nevertheless, the feeling of being able to sit on the grass in the park together with my friends while talking and laughing with them are remarkable one. The ambiance of the place makes me feels like I’m home.


The area was a little bit crowded. Maybe because its weekend but we still did really enjoyed hanging around in the lake shore and we even did a walked. And we passed by the famous CN tower which that was the very first time I did ever seen at that time and was amazed though. And my friends and I are planning to have a dinner in a restaurant in that tower soon.


True enough that when you started enjoying what makes you happy will definitely won’t make you stop from doing it. Till next blogging😉

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