Niagara Falls

When I was a child, I always get to see pictures about Niagara Falls and would always tell myself… one day, I will come to see that wonderful Niagara Falls.

And here you go… after how many years…


Apparently, It wasn’t exactly the same view that I had on my mind for a long time. I mean, when I was a child I could see those pictures from books and it looks really lovely and green. I came on a winter time though. I guessed a lot has changed in the place. Tall buildings and establishments are everywhere around the corner. It was actually too crowded when I saw the place. Not the peaceful greenery pictures that I’ve seen in ages. Well, why would I expect that when we all know everything is changeable. The world changes. And so Niagara Falls too.

Even so, I still enjoy the scenery and the fact that I had a chance to see one of the worlds wonder. The Niagara Falls that I’ve been dying to see when I was a child was just a fulfilling life experience.

Yeah, till my next trip😉


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