Malaysia Johor Bahru side trip

I wrote in my blog last week about the time when I lived in Singapore late 2012 until it’s early 2014. Singapore is a small country island which connects to the country of Malaysia. So It was much easier for me to cross the border.

I just need to buy a bus ticket going to Johor Bahru which is the closest part of Malaysia to the Singapore. And the cost of the ticket is at a very reasonable price. (The price cost prior to 2012-2014 so I’m not sure how much it cost nowadays)

I rode a bus from the Newton circus terminal bus which is very close to the building where I used to lived going to Johor Bahru. You just need to cross the border. Get down from the bus when you reach the immigration and they will just stamp your passport. And then, that’s it! you’re heading out to Johor Bahru.

Well, Johor Bahru is likely similar to some parts of my country Philippines especially in the province part. Yeah there are big malls, buses, busy streets, shops and there are some buses too. Johor Bahru is a big place and there are more to explore. It was only a short time when I did the visit but I am hoping in the future to come again not just in Johor Bahru but to some other parts of Malaysia.

Below are some pictures I took from my side trip to Johor Bahru Malaysia.


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