Singapore Times

Before living almost 4 years in Cyprus Europe, There was Singapore Times. Yes, I lived in Singapore for a year and a half. Recalling all my memories in Singapore makes me wanna visit Singapore again soon.

Singapore is a small island country in the Southeast Asia. It may be a small country but believe me you would be amaze how a wonderful country to live and work in there.


What I like most living in Singapore is that It has a very convenient way of living. Because it’s a small place so you can easily find everything in there. Transportation like buses, taxis  and trains  wherever you go around Singapore are 24/7. And the people are mixed. If you say you are a Singaporean then you could be from Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Philippines and etc. It’s an English speaking country too, though you would hear the word “lah” most of the times in a typical Singaporean whenever speaks. They call it the sing-lish (Singaporean English) way.

I swear Singapore has the most beautiful botanical garden I’ve ever been to, in my whole life. So if you love nature and would want to visit Singapore then I would highly recommend the Singapore’s botanical garden. But you could also try to see the Labrador reserve park, the Chinese garden, Mc Ritchie reservoir, the Southern ridge, east coast, west coast park, Marina bay, gardens by the bay, night safari, Singapore zoo, universal studios, the famous merlion of course, little India and etc. And if you love shopping then come to orchard road and you’ll see malls or to marina bay sands.


Singapore is a garden city because of its preservation like for example even if there are tall buildings in the middle of the city you would still find trees and grasses or forest and gardens. Plus it’s a clean green environment.

Most of the Singaporean lives in high rise apartment or condominium. And because it’s already been populated nowadays, it would be really hard to become a Singaporean citizen if you would try to apply for it. But I am not sure these days though.


On the contrary, I was working on Singapore’s prime minister cousin at that time. So yes! I do get a chance to meet PM Lee at one moment in time which was the saddest part of my Singapore times.

At the wake
Ah kong’s wake with the family

But they were very down to earth family that I would never ever forget in my whole life because that’s how I get started pursuing my life changing career.

Well, anyways Singapore will always like a home to me. So, I know I had always have a spare room in the same house where I used to lived before whenever I want to visit.

Keep posted for my next visit to Singapore soon. Kisses 😘



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