Hongkong-Macau first travel

It was Valentine’s Day way back in February 2011 when I and my siblings did traveled together for the first time going to Hongkong.  Along with my cousin and my sister’s 2 years old son and a friend.


It was not really a good time because it was still winter time. And we don’t have any idea. Oh yeah! at that time in our life, we haven’t been into a country with a winter season. I cannot still afford that time. I remembered it was my brother who paid everything for our trip.

And my brother booked a less expensive place for us to stay, a small room in an apartment for 3 days and 2 nights but we only used it when we sleep at night and tired from our day tour.

We enjoyed walking on the street sides of hongkong though it was really tiring because we had my nephew and we had to carry him with his stroller.

But we really enjoyed our Hong-Kong exploration. We supposed has to go to Disneyland but at the last minute we decided to go to Macau. Well, just to experience! And here is the most funniest thing and scary at the same time, and I think the most unforgettable experienced we ever had with my siblings. Riding a ferry that we thought would be the best feeling.


On our way to Macau while riding the ferry, the weather was really bad and we didn’t even think about it before we decided to go. We were just excited and all. If you know the feeling of a first time experience, you’ll understand what I mean.

It was really a terrible weather. The rain poured too much at that time and was too windy. Yeah it was really scary! Especially because the waves are too big and I feel like in any minute the ferry is going to be washed out with the waves and sink. Well, thank God it didn’t happen though. But the thing is… my nephew cried and vomited a lot and become dizzy and so with my sister, me and everybody else in there I guess. So, yeah I was praying the whole time. Thankfully, we reach our destination.

So before we went back to hongkong, we make sure that the weather is good and no more rain, waves or windy because it was really a bad idea. So, guys I advice you if you plan to come to Macau by ferry then better check the weather forecast first. And that’s what we learned when we travel these days. Always check the weather forecast. But anyways, it was a great experience with my family. We went back to hongkong and ate good food. Chinese foods are delicious indeed and we loved it.

And we hope we could go back to Hong Kong again and instead of going to Macau maybe Disneyland for the kids (got two nephews now) would be a better idea.😉

Xie xie


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