Cyprus, an island country experienced


A beautiful island country in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is a small island in Europe located to the southeast of Greece and south of Turkey which in fact the island is divided into two part. The north side which was occupied by the Turkish people and on the other side which I have stayed for 3 years with the Greek Cypriot people. A historical place indeed, but what made me enjoyed was the simple living and beautiful beaches especially on summertime. It always reminds me of my country origin, the Philippines.

I really love the fact that I got the chance to lived in Limassol city which I do really think is the most beautiful city in Cyprus. Of coarse I lived there for 3 years while I was a foreign worker in an unfamiliar place at that time. It was not easy for the first 1-6 months living in there without anybody whom I know which made me struggled a lot. But I am just glad I had survived and finally had enjoyed the fun and adventures in that island.


I visited many places and cities while I stayed for 3 years in Cyprus. Summer in Cyprus was my most favorite time of the year. My swim suits are all ready in different styles. Cyprus is a country where people loves fashion. And during summer, you got to prepare your nice and fancy two piece or bikinis or any style of swimming suit and get tanned. And oh well, phone is ready as my camera to take breathtaking views and ootd (outfit of the day) photos.

Ayia Napa was one of the most nicest beaches in Cyprus. It has white sands and clear water though it’s a crowded place especially during summer time. You can do a lot of activities in here. Scuba diving in day time, banana boat, jet ski and what I love most is when I and my friends ride on what they called a yellow submarine. Beach bar and disco at night if you are a party person and good hotels or apartment to stay. There are some good restaurants too if you fancy eating good Greek foods then you’ll find them in there.

Pictures below was from the yellow submarine adventure. We went to stop by to a place wherein we can do diving, swimming and goes inside the cave for more fun experience.

Pictures below was from a beach in Ayia Napa where we got to stayed after the yellow submarine tour.

Paphos, is an hour drive from the city where I lived. Paphos city is not the typical city which I like but the beaches, mountains, hillside and historical places in paphos really wins my heart. Here are some photos I got during our paphos adventures, it was during spring time on April.

Well, it is not always during summer time  that I had fun in Cyprus. Winter time has something to offer too. And Troodos mountains will give you that feeling of being in a winter wonderland where it is covered white on a snowy day that will made your day complete. Photos below taken was my second visit to Troodos mountains. I remembered it was a sunny day in Limassol when we left that day a very nice weather for winter time though, you could even go for a swimming on the beach. And here we go after an hour drive from Limassol city… snowing for real!

And after the winter time, I enjoyed the beautifully grass turning into green and flowers everywhere.

Lemons, oranges, mandarin fruits too.


The mountains in Cyprus is a beautiful scenery may it be in summer, spring or winter time.

See the photo below ( Germasogia dam view from top)

You can actually drink the spring water here. It’s clean and fresh.

Governors beach in Limassol 

Pisouri bay in Limassol at winter time (sunset)98BB789E-A87D-4FB1-A43B-67555FCEFE27

Curium beach in Limassol at winter time8D7E5117-9FA9-4372-8605-2085689CF7D9

Marina Limassol 91F32430-3ECC-4C4E-A9E6-3D9925FFEF11

Walking down the streets of old Limassol city. I just love the vintage way of the city.745F470C-FDFA-4AFC-AD13-60AFBAD0A3A1

Limassol beaches along the highway where we used to walked with my friends going to the famous Molos Park.

And lastly, the famous Molos park in Limassol Cyprus. My most favourite place to hang around with my friends.

February 2018 was my last time in Cyprus as I now moved to Canada for a better job opportunity and future. But Cyprus will always remained to be one of my most memorable life experience. An unforgettable place which I always wanted to come and visit again soon. And would always hold a special place in my heart. Not just for the place but also for the people I had made memories with in there. I will see you again soon Cyprus.

At the airport with my ever supportive friends that became my family.


Thanks for taking your time reading my blog about Cyprus.

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